Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 360° Virtual Reality Tour?

A 360° Virtual Reality (VR) Tour is a series of photographs stitched together that allows users to virtually 'walk' through an area and look around in 360 degrees.

Why Should I Get One?

The aim of virtual tours is to promote your business and increase your number of customers. Here's a list of ways that is done: (1) Virtual tours allow customers to view a space and become familiarised with your business/brand from anywhere in the world. Seeing is believing and customers are more likely to engage with companys they can see (2) On average businesses that have virutal tours have higher customer engagment on their websites which increases their Google listing, making them more visible online (3) It's different! Most websites contain the same generic content. Virtaual tours will make you stand out (4) The term 'Virtual' is taking off worldwide due to COVID-19. Between Febrauary and March of 2020 Google searches for the words 'Virtual Tour' increased by a factor 8, while terms such as 'Restaurants', 'Hotels', 'Cinemas', and the like, only saw a fifth of what they used. The decline continues to be reality for many business. Even when COVID-19 passes people will double think about visiting public places. Virtual tours gain peoples trust and will help your business

What Time of Day is Best to Take Photos?

The best time to take photos is entirely up to you. Generally the early mornings or weekends work best when businesses are quiet or closed.

How Long will the Photographer be on-site?

The process averages between 30 minutes and 1 hour depending on the size of the premise and how quiet the area is.

Can you Include a Floor Plan in my Tour?

Yes. If you provide us with a Floor Plan (JPG/PDF) then we will include it in your tour for free. If you do not possess a Floor Plan, then we can create one for an added fee.

When Will I Receive my Tour?

On average you will recieve your finished tour 4 working days after the original shoot. An additional 1 or 2 working days may be required depending on changes you may want to make.

How Do I Upload the Tour to my Own Website?

Once the virtual tour is created we will send you an email with an embed code that you (or whoever manages your website) can use to upload your tour.

What kind of Social Media Content do you provide?

We will provide you with 3-5 images and videos that you can upload to any of your Social Media platforms. This content will revolve around the images taken for the tour, but will be displayed as Tiny Planets, Crystal Balls, Fisheyes, and Flat views. Facebook allows you to upload the whole virtual tour for your followers to see without having to open up a new window. For other platforms you can include the link to the full tour in the description of images and videos. Should you want more images or videos then please contact us and arrangements can be made.

What if I want to Change Aspects of the Tour After it's Finished?

When your tour is completed you will have a chance to provide feedback. We will try to accommodate all your desired changes if possible. Any further changes after your initial feedback may come with an additional fee. Exceptions will be made for large & complicated projects.

How does GDPR factor in with Lead Capturing?

The Lead Capturing tool offered by our services will provide you with the Names and Emails of those who volunteer to sign up. After you have recieved this information, it is your businesses responsibilty to ensure the handling of such information complies with EU Data Protection and GDPR laws. Should you not wish to use this feature we can remove it from your tour.

How Much Does a Tour Cost?

Quotes will vary depending on what level of detail you want and the number of photos required. The average price range is bewteen €310 - €450. 6 months hosting on our servers is included for free. Thereafter it is €17.00 per month to host.

What Information Can I Share with 'Infospots'

Any information you have that can be displayed as text, photos, videos, or external URLs (aricles or websites) can be included in your tour. Most common uses of Infospots include displaying menus, certifications, info on seating numbers, and showing promotional videos/high quality photgraphs previously taken. Should you have any questions then feel free to contact us.

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