Display Tour On Your Own Website

After your 360° virtual reality (VR) tour has been built you will be able to display your tour on your own website. High quality and interactive content such as virtual VR tours result in more clicks and higher engagement, which means you become relevant in Google's terms, reaching a higher ranking in the search page, ultimately boosting your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

LochboVR will custom build your virtual tour and give you the tools to easily display on your website

Increased Online Customer Engagement

Personalised Social Media Content

From global giants like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon all the way down to little restaurants just around the corner and small locally owned businesses are using social media as platform to identify and reach out to their target audiences. Virtual tours and 360° photos/videos offer unique advertising opportunities. Visual marketing is fun, entertaining, and cost effective. Most importantly, it sells better than any generic content, improving viewer engagement and viewer click through.


LochboVR will provide you with tailor made social media content that can be uploaded from your various accounts, promoting your business.

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Little Planet Tiny Planet 360 Socal Media Content

Display Your 360s On Google Street View

Google Maps on average has over 2 billion monthly users and is the number one tool used by people to find businesses in their area. Forbes reports 82% of consumers do research online before visiting a store.  Displaying your 360 images on Google Street View enhances your business listing and taps into the largest online market in the world.


LochboVR will upload your 360° photos to Google Street View as part of our service

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Infospots & Lead Capturing

Your website and brand will see more viewers due to your virtual tour and unique 360° social media content. The goal of virtual tours is to turn viewers into customers. Promoting your brand and what your business has to offer can be incorporated into your tour through 'Infospots'. Infospots display the information you want shared with your customers. It is a tool for you to combine information with visual marketing to mold the users experience the way you want it.


Not only do you want people visiting your website, you want to know who they are. This is called Lead Capturing. Online Users can voluntarily input their own information into the tour to receive email updates from your business. Your business will receive an email with the users name and email address allowing you to promote your business and products to that individual.       

LochboVR will incorporate Infospots and Lead Capturing into your tour promoting your brand and business as part of our service.